My secretary Irene is available 10am - 2pm, Mondays to Fridays. The best contact methods are phone or email. If she cannot answer promptly, rest assured we will be back in touch. 
We offer clinics on Mondays: mornings (Zen), afternoon (Frinton) Thursdays: mornings (Zen): and some Saturdays: morning, Zen or Oaks. Please note Oaks will not allow anyone under 18 years of age to attend. 
We are not available for out-of-hours consultations. If necessary, use 111 or, in an emergency, 999. 
We do not offer home visits. 
Appointments are usually for 15 or 30 minutes. Some consultations (e.g. Health Screening) may take longer. 
A charge of 50% of the consultation fee will be made in the event of failure to attend without cancelling. 
Telephone consultations can be arranged. These will be limited to 10 minutes. The fee will be £50. 
Repeat prescriptions:  
For those who are receiving long-term medication from me, repeat prescriptions can be arranged. The cost will be £30. I will need to see patients at least annually. Please note this service is not for one-off prescriptions eg antibiotics or painkillers: those will require a consultation. 
The most convenient way of providing prescriptions is by direct email to your local pharmacy (though not all pharmacies provide this service). We will need the email address and also the postal address as they will want the original prescription too. Please allow 48 hours. Otherwise, we will post the prescription to you, in which case, allow longer. 
Some forms (e.g. taxi, shotgun) require me to have access to NHS GP records. If this is the case, either have as much information available on your NHS app, or ask your surgery to give you a summary printout of your notes & bring it with you. Other certificates (usually maritime) and some visa applications can only be made by doctors accredited to the organisation or embassy. Please establish this before you attend. 
Your information and privacy:  
All medical records are held securely. Patient confidentiality is vital. While I will need to provide colleagues to whom I refer you with relevant medical information, no other information about you will be given to any other party, including your NHS GP, without your written informed consent. Where I am required eg by Care Quality Commission or as part of my Annual Appraisal, to perform audit, this will be strictly anonymised. 
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